Our mission

USYK17 – a brand with a very important mission: to inspire victory! Do not give a single chance of uncertainty, fear, laziness! It does not matter where you are at the beginning of the journey or close to the finish. It does not matter what distance and how many obstacles are on your way. Nothing should detract from the goal! To do this, we will produce only quality things, relying on the personal experience of the athlete, who knows how important is the comfort for achieving high results!

Set goals and achieve them!

There are no excuses. The only thing that stands between you and your goal is your work. There is no difference between people going to their goal, each person has difficulties on the way to his dream, but if you do it step by step, then nothing will prevent you from getting to where you are going! Never give up! The world loves the strong!


Для тех, у кого есть цель! Тех, кто падает и поднимается. Для тех, кто знает за что он бьется!

Тех кто верит, что все возможно! Те кто знает, что легкой настоящая победа быть не может!

Aleksander Usyk